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Year 3 kicks off new topic in ghoulish fashion!!

Year 3 kicks off new Science topic in ghoulish fashion!!

It was Halloween and at the beginning of the day Mr Perry and Miss Maddin teased the children that they will be doing something in the afternoon that will make them say “eeurrrgghhh”! Most children thought they would be touching some green slime. Little did they know that they would be looking at a real life pig’s heart!!

The children had no idea what to expect when the covered bowl was placed in the middle of the room. Once revealed the children were asked to guess what part of the body they thought it was. There were some interesting guesses from eyeballs to intestines! The children even got to wear gloves to be able to touch the heart! Cue lots of squeals and screams!

The lesson continued with the children using iPad and laptops to research some amazing facts about the heart. Did you know that the female heart beats faster than the male’s? The children do now!