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Stella is an experienced Nursery Nurse and TA with extensive experience across the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. She has worked in Nursery for six years and Reception for five years. She has also worked in Year 1 for a year, taking her class up from Reception. Stella was able to help the children settle into Key Stage One and continue their learning. She has a good sense of humour and loves her job. One of Stella’s favourite parts of her job is developing good relationships with children, parents and carers. She is passionate in supporting children during their first experiences of the school environment and feels that she has particular skills in supporting children who find it difficult to settle. She works hard to make the transition between home to school, or from the Foundation Stage into Key Stage One as smooth as possible.

Stella’s particular strength is delivering high quality phonics lessons  which includes whole class teaching and small booster groups to help challenge and extend more able groups or support children in becoming more confident in attempting to sound out, blend and read words.


  • NEAB Diploma in Child Care and Education – Level 3
  • Foundation Degree (ARTS) Early Childhood Studies

“I believe that the learning environment should be fun and that we should teach through the children’s interests. In addition to this I feel it’s important to achieve a balance between play-based learning and a structured approach. I ensure the learning activities meet all the children’s different needs. I am committed to providing a high quality education.  I always have high expectations of the children in my care. I strive to give them a really happy and positive start to their learning journeys.”