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Hayleigh joined in us in our second year at Whitehall Park School and is a reception class teacher. Hayleigh successfully completed teacher training at the Institute of Education, London. Since then she has taught Reception in a challenging school in Leeds and fulfilled duties of Art and Music Coordinator. Hayleigh now leads Maths here at Whitehall Park, helping to accelerate progress and promote a love for the subject. Hayleigh has had extensive experience of working with children from all different backgrounds and with all different needs. She is passionate about working in Early Years and can bring an extra flare of creativity to the team. This year, Hayleigh has taken on the role of Early Years Leader which means she will oversee the whole cohort.


  • BA (Hons) in Childhood Studies (University of Leeds)
  • PGCE in Primary Education specialising in Early Years and Art (Institute of Education, University of London)

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year here at Whitehall Park School. I have helped to challenge children and promote a love of learning. Working with children in reception is incredibly rewarding and I can’t wait to get a new cohort in September! I have met so many lovely children and parents who will be starting with us soon and embarking on their first year at Whitehall Park. What an exciting adventure ahead!”