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School Development Plan and Evaluation

Every school develops a long term School Development Plan and then each year a yearly improvement plan is put into place to ensure that the school sets itself strategic objectives and focuses on achieving these through the course of the year.   At Whitehall Park School, we combine our School Development Plan, with our Self Evaluation document and regularly update both throughout the year.   School self-evaluation is a continuous process which comprises of a number of key components that collect information, data and evidence about the standards in the school.   These are then analysed, collated and the findings are used to identify priorities to improve various aspects of school life.

Whitehall Park School involves all stakeholders in the school self-evaluation process and ensure information that we collect from children, families, governors and external reviews all feed into our priorities for the year ahead.    From this information we produce a document called the School Development and Evaluation (SDE) Plan.   Throughout the year, we continually review our progress against the targets we have set, amending and adapting the SDE plan, in light of our self-evaluation.

For parents, community members and visitors to our website, we have produced a summary document.   If you would like to view our whole School Development and Evaluation Plan, please do speak to us in the office.