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All about Reception

We have been so happy to welcome some brand new children and families very into our WPS community. It has been so lovely to see such enthusiastic, brave children at our gate! The first few days and weeks can always be a little scary but we managed to overcome that, learning some new names and faces!

First we practiced the taking the register remembering to say “Good morning Miss Powell/Miss Banks”! After that the children were able to explore their new classrooms. We’ve seen some brilliant learning already! Lots of children painted portraits of themselves, which we have put on display, other children made fantastic creations like handbags in our creative area and some children even made their own superhero masks! The parents that stayed helped their children to write about their hopes and dreams! We sure hope that the children are already on their way to achieving those after their first day at WPS!

When it was time to say goodbye many children tried to stay even longer! That must be a good sign!

We have been very impressed with the new children so far and can’t wait to get to know more about them!