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Year 2’s trip to Tesco

As part of our Topic ‘From Field to Fork’ Year 2 went on a trip to Tesco’s to learn more about the origins of our food.

Before heading to the shop floor, we spoke about the different logos we might see on products. We were shown different logos such the Fairtrade logo and were told that products had this logo because the farmers who made the foods, were treated more fairly.

On the shop floor we had to identify different items with this label and we found different products such as tea, bananas and even chocolate!

We also visited the fish stand and were told about different types of fish and their properties. We learnt that some fish such as salmon are farm fish and are kept in large tanks before being sent to Tesco’s for us to buy! The others are wild fish which are found in the sea!

We were also told that Tesco’s fish are never smelly because they only last for three days instore. The fish are never frozen when they are sent to Tesco’s so they are really fresh. If they are unsold after that time, they are sent to another factory and churned into food to feed back to the fish in the tanks and oceans.

We looked at different fruits and vegetables to find out where they were grown! We learnt that this information is printed on the fruit and vegetable label. We will look out for this information next time we go shopping.

Finally we were kindly given a yummy piece of healthy fruit to take back to school with us!