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Values winners for Independence 2017

We would like to congratulate all of our children for working so hard this half term on making themselves more independent.  We are celebrating our first value on the new school year- Independence.  All of our children have been working so hard to be independent this half term but we had to choose a few to win their class badges.  Each teacher has had the painstaking task of choosing a member of their class to win this award.  We had a wonderful assembly with the families of the winners today and would like to share photos of our fantastic children with you all.    

Congratulations to Emmanuel who is in Parsley class in Reception.  He can always be seen trying so hard to independently dress for PE. Emmanuel now puts his coat on by himself and is beginning try first time himself without asking for help.

Congratulations to Aarez from Sage class, Reception. For being able to dress himself independently for PE and after school clubs and for teaching the whole class a clever trick to put their jackets on themselves.

Congratulations to Joaquim from Jasmine class, Year 1.  He always shows independence throughout the school day.  He always works hard to solve problems independently and knows what to do if he needs help.

Well done to Siri from Lavender class, Year 1.  Siri always takes charge of her own learning and is developing the skills to have more autonomy and control over her learning.  She learns from others and know what to do when she is stuck.

Congratulations to Ernie from Basil class, Year 2. He has been trying really hard to be independent in all areas of the curriculum and tackling all challenges he faces on his own! Well done Ernie!!

Well done to Evie G in Chive class, Year 2.  For being independent in all aspects of her learning and always trying to independently up level her learning. She listens to advice and tries her hardest to improve her learning independently!!

Well done to Beatrice who is in Rosamary class in Yaer 3.   She is an independent minded person who simply gets on with things. Her learning is always to a great standard and is always individual.

Congratulations to Brandon in Thyme class, Year 3.   For being independent in his learning, setting his own targets and always thinking of ways to help himself before asking the adults for help.