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Lunch Menu

At Whitehall Park School, we are very lucky to have Caterlink providing us with our delicious food each day made from the best produce.  Ensuring a healthy, nutritious and balanced lunch for our children.

School meals here at Whitehall Park are provided by a specialist company called Caterlink.  They are an award winning food service provider catering for primary schools.  During our stay here at Mt Carmel Caterlink currently cook our school lunches in the kitchens at Yerbury Primary School.  Once we move into our new school Caterlink will be able to develop a bespoke menu for Whitehall Park which will be cooked in our own kitchen!

“We are passionate about providing your children with award winning Food for Life freshly prepared school lunches that are true to our fresh food heritage. We track down the best fresh produce and ensure it reaches each school kitchen as quickly as possible. Our chefs use RSPCA Freedom Food free range eggs, Marine Stewardship Council approved sustainable fish and Red Tractor approved fresh meat. The British countryside and its farmers need our support and we are more than happy to give it!” Caterlink

All of the Caterlink menus are scrutinised by a dietician who works very closely with them and the council.  Every menu item is analysed by us and checked by the dietician.  Below are a couple of examples of dish analysis.  The same type of analysis is undertaken on every menu item.

Bean and Vegetable Pasta Bake analysis

Beef Bolognaise analysis


If you or your child have a food allergy or intolerance, please ask a member of our catering team for information. If you are a parent or guardian and your child has a school lunch and has a food allergy or intolerance you will be asked to complete a form to ensure we have the necessary information to cater for your child.


Working in line with the governments food standards guidelines we aim to encourage healthy choices and discreetly improve their diets through a wide variety of dishes and menu choices.

We also ask for regular feed back through the school food forum and questionnaires, we like to encourage the children at Whitehall Park School to take an active role in new dish suggestions to make the menu their own.


Please click here to see our Spring term menu.  All of our menus are on a three week cycle.

Please click here to see our special Christmas menu

Please click here to see the Autumn term menu.

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