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Compassion winners 2018

Each teacher has had the painstaking task of choosing a member of their class to win this award. All of our children here at Whitehall Park have been working so hard to be compassionate but we had to choose a few.

Our winners were:

Congratulations to Sadie, in Sage class, who won the value for: Always considering others’ feelings and comforting them when they’re upset. When seeing a friend upset, she brings them a tissue and rubs their back even if she doesn’t know why they’re sad!

Well done to Eleanor, in Parsley class, who won the value for: Always looking out for her friends. She’s so caring, thoughtful and supportive of those around her. She’s a friend to everyone and is always putting others first.

Congratulations to Kymani in Lavender class, who won the value for: Always showing kindness through his thoughts, words and actions. Kymani helps others and understands that compassion and kindness needs to be shown to all.  He is a thoughtful boy who always looks after his friends in and out of the classroom.

Well done to Famke, in Jasmine class, who won the value for: Always treating everyone she meets with kindness and compassion. You always think of how other people might feel in different situation and show them kindness through you words and actions.

Congratulations to Mia in Chive class, who won the value for: Always genuine empathy and kindness to others.  She is always the first to comfort others when she sees them upset.  She is kind to all the children in Whitehall Park School, from Reception to Year 3!

Well done to Fiamma in Basil class, who won the value for: Being such a kind and caring girl who looks after everyone in Basil class. She’s attentive to children’s feelings and lends a helping hand anyone who needs it!

Congratulations to Adam, in Lavender class, who won the value for: The compassion and empathy that Adam has and shows to others is exceptional for his age. He will always help anyone in any circumstance. Whether they are hurt emotionally or physically, he will always try his best to help.

Well done to Mayia, in Thyme class, who won the value for: Showing fantastic compassion this term by being a great friend to everyone in Thyme class!  She is kind to others around the school, always notices when someone is upset and tries to comfort them.