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Performance Results

As we are a brand new Free School based in Islington, London, we do not yet have results from an Ofsted inspection. We have submitted two years of EYFS data and our first year of Year 1 Phonics screening data which you can see in the table below. You can see the comparisons between our data, the average in Islington and the national average.

At Whitehall Park assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning,  we believe in assessing the process of learning as well as the product.    Teachers at our school effectively use assessment to ensure the correct scaffolding is built into lessons to ensure that all children achieve.  Whitehall Park teachers are always thinking about what they need to do to ensure that all of the children they teach make progress.

Our new Assessment System has at its heart Assessment for Learning; this is when teachers assess children’s learning in the classroom and provide feedback and next steps for the child. This type of assessment is happening all day every day in our classrooms.


You can find out more about how we assess at Whitehall Park School by clicking on the following links:

Click here to see information about EYFS assessment

Click here to see information about KS1 Assessment

Click here to see whole school attainment data for 2014-2016


Below is a performance table of our results so far:


School GLD (Exceeding) National GLD/PPG/Non PPG PPG GLD Non PPG
2015 79% (27%) 66%/52%/69% 52% 69%
2016 82% (25%) 69.3%/NA/NA 44% 73%

The percentage of children achieving a GLD at Whitehall Park School was in the top three when compared to other Islington schools.

In EYFS children identified as disadvantaged who did not attain GLD required additional support in core aspects of PSED to be able to achieve GLD – this remains a high priority and focus for this group as they progress throughout Year 1.


Year 1 Attainment and Progress


Reading Writing Maths Comb Phonics
Cohort 85% (44%) 82% (42%) 82% (36%) 82% (36%) 84%
National NA NA NA NA 72%
Boy 88% 85% 85%
Girl 81% 76% 76%
PPG 63% 50% 50%
Non PPG 95% 95% 95%


Reading Writing Maths
Boy 4.00 3.94 4.06
Girl 4.00 3.90 4.13
PPG (14) 4.04 3.85 4.12
NON PPG (41) 3.99 3.95 4.08
SEN (10) 4.35 4.10 4.35
NON SEN (45) 3.92 3.88 4.02

Steps progress over year. 3 = average progress, 3.5 good progress, 4 = outstanding progress

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